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Tryouts Are HERE... What NOW???

Jun 15, 2020

It's finally here. Tryouts!!!

You've spent the last few months preparing. All of those training sessions, 1on1, small group and team training under hot, cold and rainy weather are about to be tested.

Soon, you’ll be stepping on the pitch knowing a spot on the team is on the line, and even though you may have done everything you can to make sure you're offered a spot on the team, I know the tryouts can still bring on stress for a lot of players.

Some of you may experience Sports Performance Anxiety, AKA "choking", which lowers your athletic performance due to too much stress. However, you can overcome it by focusing on being present in the tryout and on your performance.  

If you think too much about the outcome, you will ultimately hurt your performance. Instead, focus on the moment and making your decisions freely of what feels right in that moment. Don’t worry about the coaches- if they are looking at you in a positive way, or if you need to do more. 


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How to Overcome Bad Times

May 12, 2020

There are going to be those days. When it feels like you can’t do anything right, everyone seems
better than you, and your confidence is definitely down, my advice is: don’t worry- it happens to all
of us.
And here are a few ways to help you move past it:

Gratitude. It may not be easy at first but look at the positives you’ve got going on. Be grateful that
you get to play the game you love, have teammates you’re friends with, and get to challenge
yourself and compete. Gratitude is the quickest way to get rid of negative feelings a reset your mind.

Focus on the next opportunity. If you messed up on the last play or even if the whole last game was
a disaster, focus on the next play or the next game. Don’t dwell on the past, and instead put all your
energy into making sure your next opportunity is successful. Remember, failure is just a learning
experience so that you can improve for next time.

Visualize overcoming the obstacle. Sometimes you’re going through...

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How to Play More Physical

Apr 22, 2020
Soccer is a physical game. Having the mentality and the ability to be physical with your opponents will make you a much stronger player.
Here are a few ways to be more physical in your game:
Build strength. This will not only build your confidence, but also build your effectiveness in being physical. You can be physical but ineffective if you’re not strong. If you are part of our Train at Home program, you will notice strength exercises being posted.

Be fearless. Once you have the strength, you can’t be scared to use your body. Great players put their body on the line for the game. Don’t put yourself in obvious harm’s way, but your coach, teammates, and even opponents will respect if you are willing to give it all on the field.

Commit 100%. Once you have the strength and are fearless, when actually going in for the tackle, you have to commit completely. Committing halfway will not only be ineffective but can even put you in...
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How to Stay Fit During Convid-19 / Online Training

Mar 25, 2020

Covid -19 has thrown off everyone’s daily routine and it is definitely a time to adapt to new things until everything is back to normal.
With soccer clubs’ activities being pushed back to at least April 15th, youth players, more than never, need to take charge of their games to not fall behind.
We are glad to continue working with our players as much as possible, taking all the precautions needed and also offering live online training sessions complete with an online library of drills.
Here are three things that youth soccer players should be focusing during this time:
Bodyweight workouts. You can still get great workouts in without a field to train on. There are many different bodyweight workouts you can do at home!

Stay on top of nutrition. It’s difficult and tempting to slack on nutrition without training or games to hold you accountable. But this is when you need to hold yourself accountable. PLEASE continue to eat healthy.

Tight space drills....

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