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How to Play More Physical

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2020
Soccer is a physical game. Having the mentality and the ability to be physical with your opponents will make you a much stronger player.
Here are a few ways to be more physical in your game: ⁣⁣
💢Build strength. This will not only build your confidence, but also build your effectiveness in being physical. You can be physical but ineffective if you’re not strong. If you are part of our Train at Home program, you will notice strength exercises being posted.
💢Be fearless. Once you have the strength, you can’t be scared to use your body. Great players put their body on the line for the game. Don’t put yourself in obvious harm’s way, but your coach, teammates, and even opponents will respect if you are willing to give it all on the field.⁣
💢Commit 100%. Once you have the strength and are fearless, when actually going in for the tackle, you have to commit completely. Committing halfway will not only be ineffective but can even put you in harm’s way. When making a tackle or shouldering a player, commit 100% to have a higher chance of being successful. ⁣
Use this Quarantine time to build up / improve all aspects of the game and to be ready once everything starts back. Keep in mind, one of the first things your child may be facing once back to soccer is tryouts.
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