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Tryouts Are HERE... What NOW???

Uncategorized Jun 15, 2020

It's finally here. Tryouts!!!

You've spent the last few months preparing. All of those training sessions, 1on1, small group and team training under hot, cold and rainy weather are about to be tested.

Soon, you’ll be stepping on the pitch knowing a spot on the team is on the line, and even though you may have done everything you can to make sure you're offered a spot on the team, I know the tryouts can still bring on stress for a lot of players.

Some of you may experience Sports Performance Anxiety, AKA "choking", which lowers your athletic performance due to too much stress. However, you can overcome it by focusing on being present in the tryout and on your performance.  

If you think too much about the outcome, you will ultimately hurt your performance. Instead, focus on the moment and making your decisions freely of what feels right in that moment. Don’t worry about the coaches- if they are looking at you in a positive way, or if you need to do more. 

Remember not to worry about the outcome while you’re performing. You can't control it and focusing more on the things you can control such as your work rate, calling for the ball, your decisions when you have the ball, your encouragement and communication with other players will be more effective in the end than worrying.

Keep your mindset on thinking about the task at hand. Stay confident, enjoy and good luck. You got this!!!!

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