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Get a FREE MONTH of Training

Hello everyone, 

We are running a special promotion to give you a FREE month of training!
This promotion is valid from August 1st to September 15th, 2022 and below are the basic steps to follow:


  • STEP 1) Ask at least ONE family to apply online at www.footballer1on1.com or HERE and make sure they list your name down on; How did you hear about us question.
    *Player(s) will need to go through the 3 evaluation sessions and join the Regular Training Program, Minimum 4 - Months.
  • STEP 2) Once referred player joins the program (Successful Referral) , you will not be billed for your following month.
    *Our referral program throughout the year is $100 cash back - again this promotion runs from August 1st to September 15th and as far the referral comes in between this time frame, you get a FREE MONTH of training. 

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