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Friday March 29th- HOOVER MET #1

Please confirm for tomorrow by replying with your child's name and field location.

Location at Hoover Met #1  CLICK HERE for Directions 


4:15pm - Grey Phillips, Arman Sultan* Paul Faul* Luke Karim* Hayden Rickert Parker Neighbors Spencer Gaskin (Igor Popovich)

4:15pm - Emma Denham (Bailey Harris)

4:15pm - Jonah Druxman (Charles Bridges)

4:15pm - Jefferson Chopin (Mark Valladares)

4:15pm - Wilson Lenneman (Paul Downey)

4:15pm - Avery Reamey (Vidalo Kabiya)


5:15pm - Luke Alexander Robby Russell Jack Hugunine Ervin Caedmon* Joseph Carter (IP)

 5:15pm - Luke Jovanovich (Bailey Harris)

5:15pm - Alekzander Olvera (Charles Bridges) 

5:15pm - Braylon Balta (Mark Valladares)

5:15pm - Gray Essig (Paul Downey)

5:15pm - Saylor Petterson (Vidalo Kabiya)


6:15pm - Ava Holmes Katie Rhoads* Walker, Lilly and June Turner  (Igor Popovich)

 6:15pm - Ethan Bohannon (Bailey Harris)

6:15pm - Hayden Smith (Charles Bridges)

6:15pm - Theron Ervin (Paul Downey) 

6:15pm - Kardyn Spears (Vidalo Kabiya)


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