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Your technique is a MUST– Not an Advantage

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2022

To get a shot at a higher and more competitive level, your technique has got to be solid. 

Can size and physicality help you get on a competitive team for a moment? Yes, but technique will always dominate a player’s impact. 

It’s valuable–to both you and your team–and can make you a strategic asset on the field. 

Your technique will help you to solve problems when under pressure or playing with bigger sized players. And no matter what your goals are with soccer, the better you are technically, the more fun you’ll have with the game.

Being technical means to master the ball COMPLETELY:

  • Manipulate the ball with ALL parts of the foot, using both feet
  • Complete short and long passes on the ground and air, with both feet and with different surfaces of your feet  
  • Consistently receive the ball tightly and in direction to space with different parts of the body (1st Touch)
  • Shoot, dribble  and apply skills with both feet 
  • Head the ball (Attacking and defending) 

Technique is non-negotiable. And even if you already have a great foundation in your technique, what areas can you tighten up? 

There is always room for improvement and how far you push yourself for greatness will determine your success.

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