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Why Players Receive Pre-Offers Before Tryouts

Uncategorized May 10, 2022

At soccer tryouts, coaches are looking for the strongest players to make up the best team possible. 

In most cases for the top/most competitive teams, coaches already know who they want to define their core team. With that in mind, they approach the types of players they believe will be a good fit before tryout day to make sure they can count on them in the coming season.

The type of player who usually receives a pre-offer is the one who has a strong foundation on their Technique, Conditioning, Attitude, Agility and Dedication. These are attributes that will help the team to better compete, challenge other players to grow in every training session and increase the club quality overall. 

If your child has received a pre-offer before tryouts, CONGRATULATIONS! 

That shows that he/she is a dedicated player who stays consistent throughout the year, keeps putting in the work every training session-- with and away from his/her team-- and does not get comfortable. Most importantly he/she proved themselves during the season, and now tryout day is just an easy day in the office. 

And, if your child has not received a pre-offer yet, DON’T WORRY!

It's important to be realistic and really ask yourself: Was your child very effective for his/her team? Was your child consistent during the season and did he/she show improvement? Did he/she do everything in their control to show the coaches that he/she really wants to be part of a better and more competitive team? How was the attitude during the season? 

And if the answer is yes, you should feel ready for tryouts and not worry at all. Continue to work and things will happen! 

However, if the answer is no, focus on your child doing their best at tryouts, and then planning for the long-term goal. Remember to learn something from every experience. Your child can start having a different approach to their game immediately and start to better develop their craft with the goal to play for better and more competitive teams in the near future! 


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