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Taking Ownership of Your Success

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2022

Today we’re talking about that one thing that can make or break almost any situation you come across: EFFORT. 

Those who are dependent on others to drive their success will not go as far as those who take control of their own destiny. 

As a soccer player, it’s on you to...

  • Get up on time in the morning 
  • Show up to practice on time
  • Make sure you’ve got all your equipment/uniform ready
  • Bring your teammates up to your level of commitment 
  • Know your game and practice schedules
  • Manage your diet and exercise to stay in top shape for the game 

Even seemingly minor things like making sure your uniform is clean and ready to go makes a difference. Your headspace will be clear going into the game because you won’t be rushed or scattered beforehand. And your teammates will know they’ll be able to rely on you because you’re calm and collected.

A coach’s job is to guide players and show them ways to improve their game on all four aspects of the game: technical, physical, tactical, mental. But a coach should never have to coach on effort. Your own commitment to your game should drive that.

There are some things you can’t control in your life. But there are many that you CAN. So take advantage of those opportunities.

One thing that I love about our academy is watching the players that I have been coaching a long time develop their passion for the game, and then to watch how their commitment keeps growing. That is so fun to watch and it pushes me to want to help them even more to reach their dreams. 

So this week, take charge. And take the steps towards your success.

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