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My Child did Not Make the Top Team--What Now?

Uncategorized Sep 14, 2022
Sometimes today's "NO" is just the beginning of the "YES".
When a player doesn't make the top team, most parents ask, "where is the problem?"
I believe there is no problem, there is just the technical and physical selection (and/or projection) of athletes. And this happens naturally every year during youth club, high school and professional MLS academy tryouts.
The process is selective by nature in order to form the teams with the top prospects who will complement each other; and mostly it only depends on the athlete.
Not being picked to the first team should not be the end for a player, it should be the start of a new journey that will take them to the right place-- where they will be able to play, perform and develop. 
The higher level you go in soccer, the more competitive the process, and not everyone will make the shortlist. You have to work hard, and keep trying--always. Lift up your head and go after your goals. The secret is: important is not how it starts, but how it ends.



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