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Most Common Mistake From Youth Players

Uncategorized Nov 11, 2020

I believe that the biggest mistake youth players can make is to think he/she is good enough and to get comfortable. I think we have all made that mistake at one point in our lives, unfortunately, but being aware of the risk of settling is a first step in progress.
Look at the Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi for example. They can stay on top for a long time because they don’t get comfortable. Their mindsets are programmed to always look for growth. Some youth players, on the other hand, may make a top team or start for their high school team as freshmen and think that they have already reached the top and are already big time players. Then later on they wonder why they stop developing and are not as good as they used to be. 
They got comfortable.
It is very important for youth players to program their mindset to be one of constant growth.
Remember this famous phrase from Ronaldo: ''If you think you are perfect, then you will never be.” Don't settle. There is always someone wanting to take your place.
If you believe your child is one of those players who always wants to be above the competition, putting extra hours of training into their routine, apply HERE! and we will love to help! 
Now, if you already train extra and are looking for ways to always evolve, congratulations. You are on the right track!



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