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How To Find Your Best Playing Position

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2020

Every young footballer gets moved around to play in different positions when they first start playing the game. This helps with a player’s development so he/she can get used to seeing the field from different angles, being in different situations and gaining experience and confidence in each
of the positions. 

However, at one point, players need to find that position that best suits them. The older they get, they must be realistic with themselves and have a primary position where they can comfortably play and make an impact for their team. 

Here are a few tips to find the position that best fits you:

  • Strengths – Players must be honest with themselves and know their strengths. Write out your qualities and then match them with the positions that most require
    those qualities. 
  • Experience – Think about the positions you have played so far and ask yourself if you really enjoyed them and if your performance was high.
  • Be realistic – You have to understand that not everyone can be a great forward and built to score several goals a season. Your best opportunity to contribute to the team could be another position, where you help facilitate those multiple goals. Ultimately think about where you can best be an asset.  

The best and most useful players for a coach are those who are capable of playing in different positions. At the end of the day, you will play where the coach wants you to play. So find your best position, but learn and be prepared to play in different positions if asked. With that you will increase your chances to always be on the field and start for your team! 

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