“In sports, the only thing a player can truly control is effort.”

Kaden DeJarnette   
 NASA - Development Academy 2007s 

Coach Igor has been working with my son, Kaden, for almost two years.  Team practices are great, but we know that personal training outside of the team environment is the real key for player success.  Kaden does private sessions every week with Igor as well as some group sessions, and he loves it.  His speed and agility on the ball has increased dramatically with Igor's training.  Kaden has also learned new and better techniques for receiving and settling the ball with different parts of his body.  I love the fact that Igor tries to actually go to games to see his players so that he can give pointers for improvement as well as praise for things done well.  I can't say enough good things about Igor because he works on total player development, both physically and psychologically.  Two qualities that I appreciate most are his motivation through rough spots and his encouragement to help kids achieve their dreams .  Because of Igor, Kaden knows that every player has bad moments but that in the long run, the work and commitment will be worth it.


Thanks for everything, Coach Igor!

Cassondra DeJarnette

Grayson Dupont 
The University of New Mexico 2016 - 2019 / University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB) 2019 - 2021

"Grayson played at Montverde Academy (2015-16)- the number one soccer academy in the nation- thanks in part to Coach Igor’s training with him. Coach Igor prepared training sessions 6 days a week at 7:00 am with Grayson for a few weeks prior to his Montverde tryouts.. Then after his offer to be a part of Monteverde Academy, Coach Igor and Grayson trained almost every morning for the next 50 days before he left for school.

As a parent I couldn’t be more satisfied with the training and results from Coach Igor. From pricing, technical skill, intensity of training and schedule flexibility, I would recommend Coach Igor anytime you want the best results for your child."


Thank You Chris Dupont (Grayson’s Father)

Meridith Beretta  
Berry College 2015
Vestavia Hills Soccer Club

"I began training with Igor the summer of my sophomore year in high school. I showed up for training excited and nervous and I was immediately impressed by the level of intensity and skill our training sessions encompassed. We worked with a number of sizes of balls from a size 5 soccer ball all the way down to a tennis ball. I saw my skill level sky rocket with my ability to take the advanced moves he had taught me and use them in practice and ultimately in the game at full speed. It was the most fun I had ever had at soccer training and the one I learned the most from. I could not be happier with all Igor has taught me from soccer skills to life lessons that I continue to use as a freshman playing college soccer. Thank you Igor for all you have done for me and my soccer career."

Meridith Beretta

Rakim Ali
University of West Alabama 2016
Vestavia Hills Soccer Club

"Today’s soccer players practices and plays several games. But the training is missing. There is no substitute for quality one-on-one and small group training.
Coach Igor does a spectacular job training and preparing my son, Rakim. It is his training that gives Rakim a competitive edge and confidence on the pitch.
Rakim is now headed to University West Alabama with a soccer scholarship in hand. His training with Coach Igor has been instrumental in his success both in and off the field."

Jibril Ali (Rakim's Father)

Bianca Sierra 
Auburn University 
Mexico Women's Nacional Team  

"I started training with Igor in 2012 after meeting him through mutual friends. At the time I played for Auburn University and was a member of the Mexico U-20 Women’s National Team and wanted outside training during the off season to improve my game. Igor helped me to keep my confidence and improve my soccer technique and fitness. I liked the intensity of the training and how he pushed me to do my best every session."

Bianca Sierra

Madison "Goose" Martin  
LSU - 2018 - 2022  

"We have been extremely pleased with Igor and his soccer training. We have trained with Igor for 2 years and came to him because he is highly respected in the soccer profession. Igor is a tireless worker and "student of the game". His philosophy and practice preparation separate him from most instructions. The emphasis on technique and drills make his training program unique as players improve in every phase of the game. He stresses fundamentals and learning how to play the game the "right way" and as a result, his "students" are know to have a high "Soccer IQ". He expects hard work, but is extremely encouraging so every player learns and has fun during the training."

Cynthia Martin (Madsion's Mother) 

Grace McClellan   
LSU - 2019 - 2023  

I began training with Igor in January of 2018. I have trained once or twice a week for the past year and my development has gone through the roof. I know that every time I show up to a session it is going to be organized, professional, fun, challenging, intense, and I always learn something new. Igor always shows up early and has the field prepared, so I am always inspired to get to work immediately. The main thing I have learned is that one-on-one goalkeeping training is extremely necessary in order to keep developing at a steady pace. Each session is catered to my needs, we never do the same thing twice, and I am always seeing improvement and able to stay sharp. I was originally committed to attend Louisiana-Lafayette, but due to a crazy change in events, I will now be attending LSU in Spring 2019 to play soccer! There is no doubt that I would have not been able to sign to a top SEC school if Igor wasn’t in my life, pushing me to be better each and every session. 

Luke Jovanovich
My son Luke, age 9, has been training with Coach Igor for 1 year. We try to schedule 1 session per week all year round. He has taught Luke better techniques to control the ball with his body as well as his feet. he has continually worked with him on ball skills and techniques to assist in regular soccer practices and games. Coach Igor works with each student in a positive manner helping them understand what they did well or what needs more practice. He has helped Luke become a more confident soccer player.
Haley Jovanovich (Luke's Mother)
Bailey Morman
"I have known Coach Igor for many years both on and off the field and he has been training my son Bailey for the past 3 years. Since working with Igor I have watched Bailey’s confidence grow and soccer skill improve tremendously.
Coach Igor has a gift for combining a warm and friendly environment with a disciplined approach to his training sessions. Igor teaches proper skill development, tactics and strategy, always setting proper expectations for both parent and player. But most importantly, Igor’s instruction emphasizes the value of strong work ethic, perseverance, leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship, and goal setting. These are all valuable “life lessons” that will service an individual, both on and off the field.
I highly recommend Coach Igor to anyone who is serious about developing their skills as a competitive soccer player.
Mike Morman (Bailey's Father)